Invoice insurance

Check the risk of non-payment on invoices for free and protect the ones you are worried about. Grow your business confidently.

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Protect your deals

UK Small business owners reveal that they wrote off a total of £5.8bn in bad debt during the last financial year, and the fear of non-payment is stifling small business growth.

Studies by Barclays show that bad debt and late payment are significant issues for the average Small Business owner, with over 58% feeling that they have missed out on opportunities due to concerns about not getting paid.

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Invoice insurance

No more write-offs.

By simplifying trade credit insurance, Nimbla has built a platform that protects you against experiencing the pain of having to write off debt from your clients, with our Single Invoice Cover solution.

A free-to-all solution that allows you to check the risk on your invoices and insure the ones you are worried about in minutes.


Seamless service

Integrate with a click.

We integrate with mainstream accounting packages, providing you a seamless experience to protect your invoices and your business.

Don’t use an accounting package?

No problem!

Give us a call today.

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What Nimbla does


Protect your invoice for as little as £5.60. We can insure any size invoice from £10 to £50,000


Check your clients credit risk in real-time


Protect your invoices against bad debt even AFTER it has been issued


Check when you get paid in comparison to your peers


Be assured your pay out is coming – we are underwritten by the largest re-insurers in the world, so you’re safe


Expect your claim paid out up to 48 hours after your client has gone insolvent


What Nimbla does not do

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Sadly we do not cover late payments at the moment. Bare with us, no one is perfect! Sign up for updates on this below.

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We are not an invoice factoring product. We do however offer cover for invoices you get financed by a third party. Contact us to learn more.


The policy does not cover disputes or disputed invoices.


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