When we began working on our API, we wanted our partners to increase their sales by introducing Nimbla invoice insurance into their user journey. If customers trust our partners to help them manage or fund their invoices, then this bond should lend itself to insurance services as well.

"Since launching our API, the response has been extremely positive, and we’ve been working hard on improving its performance."

We took on partner feedback and realised our previous API had been taking too long to generate a precise quote. That's why we've focused on making its responses faster; improving its performance and simplicity. We've also revamped our pricing engine to generate more specific insurance quotes in line with the needs of our partners.

We understand that accurate quotes are essential to our customers. Our team are committed to displaying precise and transparent insurance premiums. That's why we have reworked our pricing algorithm to calculate in real-time, with our display price guaranteed, and informing customers for how long.

Greater user control

Since we're engaging with sophisticated and high volume partners, we have made our API more transparent. Customers will soon be able to view quotes and policies, request amendments and extract information from our control dashboard. Our long-term objective is to automate the API and make it self-serving as possible.

Upcoming API changes

Over the next few months, we will upgrade our on-demand insurance flow. By showing their invoices as being paid, customers will see their insurance premiums lowered in real-time, as their customer debt correspondingly decreases. Alongside our latest API developments, there will be some exciting changes at Nimbla taking place over the next few months, and we can't wait to share them with you.

October 6, 2020