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Pay as you trade
Pay as you trade

Use Nimbla to insure your most valuable asset: your invoices. Protect your invoices from non-payment and do business with confidence and certainty.

Nimbla explained in three steps


Check invoice risk

We will analyse your customer’s credit rating for free. Identifying individual or multiple invoices you may want to protect.


Insure your invoices

Provide us with some basic information, and we will give you an instant quote, and help protect the cash flow of your business.


Receive payment

If your customer doesn’t pay you because they have gone insolvent or bankrupt, you will continue to get paid through us.

Why have invoice insurance?

Nimbla aims to protect your business from insolvent customers. As a small business, you may have doubts about a customer’s ability to pay. If they go bankrupt, it can potentially leave your business in a perilous situation. With invoice insurance, you can safeguard against this risk and continue to trade with security and confidence.

"We founded Nimbla to provide a safety need for businesses when it comes to trading on credit terms. We've made it simpler, more flexible and more affordable than ever before.
Flemming Bengtsen — Founder, Nimbla
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Frequently asked questions

Who can use Nimbla?

Every UK-registered business (including sole traders) doing business with UK-based limited and public limited companies.

Will I get the full amount back?

Not everything as there’s a standard deductible charge of 10%. We aim to pay you within 30 days once your claim has been approved.

Can I claim for late payments?

No, you can’t claim for late payments. Nimbla invoice insurance covers non-payment in the event of insolvency.

What is the maximum amount I can insure?

The maximum amount you can insure for a single invoice is £500,000 (subject to your customer's risk profile). You can insure multiple transactions from the same buyer.

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