Protect your logistics company, one invoice at a time

Nimbla covers a range of transport-based invoices from logistics to delivery service companies which have their own set of challenges. A failure to receive payment from a supplier can affect the continuity of your business, so if one of your customers goes bankrupt, you will continue to get paid through us.


Manage your customer invoices seamlessly through our secure and easy-to-use platform.


Protect the invoices you are worried about from as little as £5.60 for a one-off invoice.


Nimbla offers flexible invoice insurance cover that adapts to fit your business needs.
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Frequently asked questions

How much does invoice insurance cost?

You can get insurance from as little as £5.60 for a single invoice without any recurring charges. Otherwise, the cost will factor in the invoice amount, customer credit score, and the payment terms.

Can I insure a single invoice?

Nimbla allows you to insure a single invoice or multiple invoices.

What type of losses can I claim for on my insurance?

You can claim for losses when your customer or supplier does not pay in the event of insolvency.

Will I get the full amount back?

Not everything as there’s a standard deductible charge of 10%. We aim to pay you within five working days once your claim has been approved.