Free real-time credit risk analysis

To help companies through this difficult time, Nimbla is offering free, advanced insights into how likely your customers are to pay you.

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Real-time risk analysis

Unlike credit agencies, Nimbla is liable for any inaccuracies. Our Nimblex rating of your customer’s credit risk includes real-time indicators of financial distress to support robust credit control and sales negotiations.

Unique to your business

Nimbla’s breakthrough algorithm shows you the credit risk of every transaction. To provide an accurate picture of credit risk, Nimbla synthesises data on company rating, financial performance, and payment behaviour.

Flexible business protection

Nimbla also lets you insure individual invoices (or your whole ledger) against defaults, from just 0.8% of the invoice value. If your customer can’t pay you, Nimbla will pay 90% of your invoice (subject to reasonable T&Cs).

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Covid-19 and catastrophic risk

No one saw Covid coming. But the latest risktech from Nimbla predicts customer defaults and offers selective invoice insurance so your business doesn’t lose out. Payment behaviour is likely to deteriorate dramatically after the Government’s freeze on insolvencies ends.

Get informed, get ahead

Prepare your business for the challenging winter ahead with a free credit risk analysis from FreeAgent partner Nimbla. No subscription fees or added charges, just the leading indicators you need to take control of your business’ credit risk exposure.

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News in numbers

1 in 5

businesses are worried they won’t be able to pay their suppliers

(Source: McKinsey)

2 out of 3

UK businesses are almost insolvent

(Source: ONS)

4 in 5

SMEs believe the economy is weak due to the debt bubble

(Source: McKinsey)


Crisis Credit Control Survival Guide

A guide to help protect your business against customer nonpayments.
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Flexible invoice insurance with FreeAgent

With Nimbla + FreeAgent you can check the credit risk of your customers and prevent losses from bad debt. If one of your customers goes bankrupt, you will continue to get paid through us.

Invoice insurance

Nimbla invoice insurance

Nimbla is a secure and easy-to-use platform that protects your business from insolvent customers. We make insurance simple with free credit checks, instant quotes, and responsive customer service.

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Insure your invoices
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Benefits of connecting FreeAgent and Nimbla

Get instant access

Connect your FreeAgent account and get instant access to Nimbla. Once you’re onboard, you will see all your invoices in one secure place.

Free access to credit ratings

After connecting your accounting software, you can check the Nimbla rating of your customers for free.

Maintain secure access

Enjoy secure and continuous access to up-to-date credit information so you can make informed decisions about your business.

Connection between Nimbla and FreeAgent

Connecting your FreeAgent account is fast, easy and secure. When connecting your account, we’ll ask for your permission to share your data with Nimbla. By securely connecting your FreeAgent account, you will always be able to see your latest invoices and the risk associated with them in the Nimbla app.


With your consent, we'll share your transaction feed data with Xero

Then Xero shares that data so you can view your integration directly from our Marketplace.

Frequently asked questions

Who can use Nimbla?

Every UK-registered business (including sole traders) doing business with UK-based limited and public limited companies.

How much does invoice insurance cost?

You can get insurance from as little as £5.60 for a single invoice without any recurring charges. Otherwise, the cost will factor in the invoice amount, invoice credit risk, and the payment terms.

Should I connect my accounting software?

Connecting your accounting software allows us to assess the credit rating of your customer invoices. We will give you a detailed risk assessment of each invoice so you can make better-informed decisions on whom to work with in the future.

Where can I sign up for FreeAgent?

You can try FreeAgent for free here.

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