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Pay as you trade
Invoice insurance

Our pay as you trade invoice insurance allows you to automatically insure the invoices you want on a weekly or monthly basis. You don't have to upload invoices anymore. Add them to your accounting software, send them to your buyer and we’ll do the rest.

Pay as you trade in four steps


Select the buyers you want to insure

You know your business best so you can select the buyers you want to insure.


Accept or change the quote

You're in control so you can accept or change the quote before we take payment.


Check out

Confirm your settings and you're done.


Connect your accounting software

We're compatible with Xero, QuickBooks, Sage and FreeAgent.

How does it work?

We will notify you if there are any changes in risk or overdue invoice payments that might have an impact your insurance premium. The more you insure the more diversification benefit you will get. You only ever pay for what you use and you can add or remove buyers when you wish. The minimum term is 3 months and premiums must be paid by direct debit.

Risk changes fast in today’s environment and here at Nimbla we don’t believe you should pay for something you might not use. Let’s face it, trade credit insurance limits can get cut so why not just pay for what you use?
Flemming Bengtsen — Founder, Nimbla

Frequently asked questions

Who can use Nimbla?

Every UK-registered business (including sole traders) doing business with UK-based limited and public limited companies.

Will I get the full amount back?

Not everything as there’s a standard deductible charge of 10%. We aim to pay you within 30 days once your claim has been approved.

Can I claim for late payments?

No, you can’t claim for late payments. Nimbla invoice insurance covers non-payment in the event of insolvency.

What is the maximum amount I can insure?

The maximum amount you can insure for a single invoice is £100,000. You can insure multiple transactions from the same buyer.

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