Our pricing

Nimbla’s quick quote tool makes it easy to see the credit risk of an invoice. Advanced algorithms check credit scores, market and sector trends and past payment behaviour to give you a precise picture of credit risk.

Your quote is based on this risk assessment, so you only pay for the protection you need, and there are no recurring fees.

The pricing process

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  • Small prices for big protection
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  • Protection for 12 months
  • Flexible so you can grow
  • No recurring fees
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How are Nimbla’s prices calculated?

To give you the best price, our technology quantifies the risk based on various factors, including:

Credit rating

We calculate how likely your customer is to pay your invoice using credit rating agencies, leading risktech and sector and market trends.

Invoice value

The price of your insurance also depends on the invoice value. We can insure invoice of up to £500,000 (subject to your customer's risk profile).

Payment terms

Your invoice will be protected until it’s paid, for up to 12 months. Longer payment terms increase the risk level and your policy price.

Payment behaviour

We also consider whether your customers pay other businesses on time. If their payment behaviour has deteriorated, this will affect your policy price.

Can you afford an unpaid invoice?

This interactive slider shows the impact of an unpaid invoice: loss of revenue, capital for investment and sales. A sizeable bad debt could even pull you under. In risky trading conditions and volatile markets, Nimbla’s real-time credit risk intelligence and flexible protection will empower you and your businesses to trade with confidence.