Our pricing

Nimbla is free to use so you don’t have to pay a penny until you buy a policy. Because no two invoices are the same, we ask you to tell us about the invoice you want to insure. We will then assess the risk and in seconds you will know how little it will cost to insure that invoice. You only pay once; there are no recurring fees.

Tell us about the invoice you want to insure.

We'll assess the risk and calculate the price.

See how little it will cost in seconds.

Insure one invoice or several, it's up to you.

How are the prices calculated?

Our clever technology looks at a number of factors to give you the best price.

£50,000 invoice is protected on 90% cover with single invoice insurance. The price of this insurance isroughly £70 for an invoice this size depending on credit rating and term dates. Deductible iscomparable to the excess you see with other insurances. This means that in the event of a claim, youget back the £44,930, Without single invoice insurance you would lose £50,000.

Credit Rating

We calculate how likely your customer is to pay your invoice using industry-leading credit rating agencies. If your customer's credit rating is high, the price of your insurance will be lower.


Invoice Value

The price is based on the value of your invoice. The lower the invoice value, the less costly it will be to insure. Nimbla can insure invoices of up to £500,000, subject to your customer's risk profile.


Payment Terms

Your invoice will be protected until it’s paid, for up to 12 months. Longer payment terms increase the risk level and the policy price.


Payment Behaviour

We also consider whether your customers pay other businesses on time. If their payment behaviour has deteriorated, this will affect the price of your policy.

Can my business afford invoice insurance?

Leaving your invoices uninsured means you could lose money if a customer became insolvent.
You can use the tool below to see what impact a loss would have on your business.

Simply enter the value of your invoice, annual turnover and profit margin
to see the impact of non-payment in terms of extra sales, invoices and workdays.

Unpaid invoice impact calculator

Frequently asked questions

Who can use Nimbla?

Every UK-registered business (including sole traders) doing business with UK-based limited and public limited companies. We are working hard on adding invoice insurance for selling to overseas buyers.

Will I get the full amount back?

Not everything as there’s a standard deductible charge of 10%. We aim to pay you within 30 days once your claim has been approved.

Can I claim for late payments?

No, you can’t claim for late payments. Nimbla invoice insurance covers non-payment in the event of insolvency.

What is the maximum amount I can insure?

The maximum amount you can insure for a single invoice is £100,000 (subject to your customer's risk profile). You can insure multiple transactions from the same buyer.