Why Nimbla?

Securely grow your business

Invoice insurance enables businesses to insure single invoices against non-payment in seconds, from as little as £5.60.

Welcome to a new world of trading

Save money

Nimbla’s leading algorithms synthesise numerous data sources, including credit data and market trends, to price the risk on your receivables. Instant quotes enable you to include invoice insurance in your prices, effectively meaning there is zero cost to your business.

Recover late payments

Our collections experts work with your late-paying customers to help you get paid fast, while protecting your trading relationship and streamlining the invoicing process for next time.

Buy in less than 5 minutes

Nimbla provides a quote in seconds, so that we can protect your business against customer defaults within five minutes.

Protection for 12 months

We’ll insure you for a full year, or until your invoice is paid. What’s more, you only pay for the insurance cover needed.

Rapid claims processing

We pride ourselves on paying every valid claim and aim to do so within 30 days to avoid interrupting your cash flow.

Customer care

We’re here for you and your business when you need us most. Nimbla’s friendly customer service team is here to help throughout business hours via phone, email and live chat.